A slow loris is NOT cute!

I finally got to see Jungle Gremlins of Java on BBC Knowledge last night. The BBC's blurb is bland: The slow loris [kukang] is the real-life gremlin, extremely cute but with a venom that can kill. Now it's also a YouTube superstar with millions of hits. Dr Anna Nekaris, a primatologist, travels to the jungles of Java to solve the riddle of its toxic bite, but a shocking discovery awaits. I thought it was a fascinating insight into a unique nocturnal mammal which isn't "cute" as thought by anthropomorphic idiots and a powerful condemnation of the lack of care shown by Indonesian authorities towards the trade in protected species.

Anna Nekaris may be an Oxford professor, but her research is expressed in plain language and she proves to be an engaging television presence. I hoped to be able to download the programme because, as the scene in the ‘pet’ market demonstrated, it’s the local population which is need of educating about the importance of protecting species, and this would be an excellent programme for schools. However, all I could find is a stream on Delete City.

Anna Nekaris has established the Little Fireface Project which aims to save the slow loris via ecology, education, empowerment. This is a video they've produced, for Indonesian audiences.

I suggest that Jakarta Governor Jokowi and his deputy ‘Ahok’ be approached to watch this and now they've cleared the Tanah Abang streets of street vendors and the thugs who preyed on them that be urged to deal with the markets dealing with the horrific trade in protected species.