More destruction of Balikpapan Bay

1. Forest clearing in a protected coastal areas, ie. less than 200 metres from the sea.

The status of the area is High Conservation Value Forest. Its location is at the mouth of the River Berenga in the Tempadung estuary. The area being cleared with heavy machinery is broader than the former pond and a building has been erected.

The stones on the shores are an indication that there is the intention to build a pier. This area is very close to seagrass beds and coral reefs, the food sources for dugongs and dolphins. We are confident that confident that there is no licence for the work, or environmental analysis submitted given the high conservation value of the area.

2. Damage to the second mangrove estuary is happening in Puda where a company (yet to be confirmed PT Semen Gresik) has begun to build a wharf outside the Kariangau Industrial Area designated in the 2013-2032 Spatial Plan. This is an area of mangroves and construction is not in accordance with the Spatial Plan.

Map of the two locations

Much more info about the ongoing destruction of this environmentally important site can be found here